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Our advanced digital face workups and alignments ensure that every case is a success, digitally managed and is delivered with impeccable precision, predictability and speed.

Unlike many many other work-flows and data collecting methods, our digital face workups and alignments provide unprecedented accuracy and predictability. This technology originated in aerospace and now is available for to dentists. Our proprietary facial analyzers have been specifically designed for dental applications.  Its not all about the analyzer, this is just one data set in our work-flow the real magic happens behind closed doors where our team of engineers are able to accurately process the data and make it workable for cad/cam milling strategies for dentistry. In addition to complex stackable surgical guides for All on X style surgeries 

We have an outstanding success record, cutting chair time with very few adjustments. Our clients receive complete focus with every case, open communication, chair-side assistance for treatment plans, and 110% passion and drive to provide customized results that will not disappoint.

We are dental engineers who love what we do, and it shows through our work. Our success is not only about running a business; our success is also determined by meeting every doctor's individual requirements that ultimately leads to a patient's complete satisfaction. It is where science, knowledge, attitude , and passion are combined together for completion of the most complex cases. Technology provides a very unique way of taking dental records. Our work-flows provide accuracy and predictability unlike ever before
"TheDigitalFACE is quite sensational. I have very few adjustments and I now use this technology for everything." - Dr. Patel. New York

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