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Digital Workflow

Maximize your clinical talents while minimizing material cost and operational errors
When you partner with, you’re working with an organization offering state-of-the-art digital facilities that allow you to leverage your investment in your IS3000 facial scanner ans digital impression systems. 

Our advanced digital workflow streamlines the process to reduce the time and cost at the chair. We accept Sirona CEREC®, Align Technology iTero™, 3Shape TRIOS®, 3M ESPE’s 3M™ True Definition Scanner, IOS Technologies IOS FastScan® and E4D Technologies Nevo™ Scanner.


Digital Workflow Overview


Online Rx form submission
Case data submission

2. Prosthetic Preparation

We align the digital face with all the records 
We are ready to go!

3. Treatment Planning and Approval

create your treatment plan or have us do it
Online meeting with our digital specialists
Review your treatment plan
Review of the treatment plan approval report
Your approval

4. Design and fabrication

Design your own surgical workflow or have us do it 
We can design any king of stackable surgical guided system or just a simple free hand guide

5. Shipping and Delivery

Delivered 2 business days prior to surgery

Digital Face Benefits of Dental CAD/CAM Technology

  1. Highly predictable
  2. Increases lab efficiency and productivity
  3. Precisely configures prosthetics for ideal anatomic contour
  4. Virtually designing the model on a screen allows techs to pay close attention to contacts, occlusions, and anatomy
  5. High long-term clinical success rates for CAD/CAM restorations
  6. Simplifies dental case management and communication between lab and dentist
  7. CAM milling machines are extremely reliable for accurate manufacturing
  8. Tech is able to define margins with a 360-degree enlarged view of the virtual model

How the Digital Process Works

Digital Models

To create a digital model, we can work from your digital intraoral scans (STL files), or generate scanned files from your models, impressions, and bites. Your digital model can be customized with a selection of base options. You can also specify the degree of sculpting and refinement of the anatomy. This digital model can then be used to provide you with a full range of laboratory services.

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