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IS3000 Facial Analyzers offers the most accurate data sets and workflows in dentistry

IS3000 State of the Art Facial Analyzer

TheDigitalFACE. dental is known for being innovative and resourceful when it to facial scanning technology. This digital face can be utilized in all aspects of dentistry including full-mouth rehabilitation cases and All on X type surgeries. The goal is for the patient's entire dental work to be accurate, aesthetic and completely functional on all levels. 

TheDigitalFACE Digital Wax-Ups

When cosmetic dentistry is planned, it is often important to do a diagnostic wax-up to help determine the eventual appearance and result after treatment is performed. This allows the dentist and patient to evaluate the anticipated final appearance and to determine if it meets their expectations.

At TheDigitalFACE, we aim to achieve high standards through all our digital work-flows. Our dental face wax-ups are no exception. It is one of our many solutions that can help you show your patients what is possible through our proprietary advanced dental technology. We’ll provide you with a three-dimensional models of your patient’s digital face work up, which is can be acquired from digital or standard impressions, making an exact replica of the patient’s teeth in their digital face.

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The DigitalFACE IS 3000 Analyzer workflow offers "In You Face Technology" what you see is what you get, reduced chair-time and tryin appointments.

Our advanced "IN YOUR FACE TECHNOLOGY" and expertise ensures that every case is precise delivering the highest accuracy in dentistry. Our workflows are managed and delivered with impeccable precision, predictability and speed.

We work with oral surgeons, general dentists, prosthodontists, and periodontists every step of the process, including chair-side, to guarantee success.

Utilize our proprietary intra-oral and reverse scan protocols and collect all the records for a prosthetic reconstruction in just under 45 minutes.

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